Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Artisan of the Week - The Cakery Fakery

The Cakery Fakery is an Etsy shop that makes beautiful 'fake' cupcakes - or what they call 'cupfakes'! I love their tag line: "All fun, no fat!"

Made from a variety of materials including polymer clay, spackle, charms and real cupcake liners, these delicious creations can be used as photo props, paperweights or home decor.

Some of my favorites are shown below:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I WON on ArtFire!

WooHoo! Imagine my excitement when I got this email from Caleb Daniels over at ArtFire (snippets from the winning notification email):

Hi Audrey,
Congratulations! You were selected as the winning entry for Tuesday 09/21/2010 in the "5Days, 5 iPads" contest! You've won an Apple iPad!...You've been added to the list of Beta Exit winners here as well:

Again, congratulations and thanks for taking part in the ArtFire Group Deal! Thank You for your continued support of the ArtFire community,

Caleb Daniels
Director, Search Engine Optimization

Everyone who signed up for the Group Deal - a $5.95/month Pro account - was entered in the contest. If you prefer not to sign up, you can fill out a short survey and get one entry into the contest. ArtFire is giving away (5) Apple iPads - one each day this week - I was the second winner. Three more to go!

Learn more at - All members are eligible.