Friday, July 16, 2010


I get inspiration from browsing through bookstores, thrift stores, antique shops and traveling. Here are some pictures from my latest 'inspiration treks'

These were in the garden of a historical home that I toured.

On the wooden garage doors at the former Phoenix home of Cindy & John McCain (yes, the John McCain who ran for president against Obama.)

The paint had long faded on these doors at the crumbling remains of a hotel in the 'ghost town' of Jerome, Arizona.

Crumbling brick and ironwork fence with fleur de lis

Colorful vintage women's handkerchiefs in a Phoenix antique mall

Vintage metal cigarette set - holder, ashtray and lighter

Vintage fabrics, linens and aprons

Details on the neckline of a beaded dress I bought at a local thrift store

Estee Lauder jar

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